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Automated business processes in the financial industry

Digital transformation, intelligent process automation, data, RPA: all buzzwords with which financial institutions are confronted. Read our four-part series to find out what benefits the introduction of a digital process automation platform brings for banks.

Into the next era of banking with digital transformation and intelligent automation

As a result of current market developments banks are being forced to survive in an increasingly data-driven environment. A holistic, digital transformation program should thus take center stage.

Data as the most valuable asset in digital transformation

Data represents the core of a process. One of the biggest challenges facing market participants in the financial sector is the inventory of legacy systems and fundamentally different data sources that are distributed along the entire value chain.

There are no limits when it comes to process automation. Or are there?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is currently seen as the all-purpose answer for automating complex processes. However, this can – and indeed must – be seen as no more than the latest hype. But why is RPA alone not enough?

Automating business processes – optimized ROI thanks to defined success criteria

Automation projects must not start or finish as a black box. Therefore, before starting an automation project, it is crucial to determine all relevant success criteria.