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Axon Ivy

Get the full potential of your RPA investment

True process optimization comes with RPA and Axon Ivy.

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... or any other RPA technology.

With Axon Ivy and RPA combined you can let humans, robots and systems working together in a seamless process.

Robotic Process Automation software is primarily used as a tool for achieving the quick-wins by automating human tasks with bots.


Whether you already have RPA or not, you should think beyond individual task automation and look at the entire end-to-end process.

You already have AXON Ivy?

Let bots handle repetitive and mundane tasks or scale human tasks. Use RPA for integrations not easily accessible via API.

You already have RPA?

Companies must be cautious not to fall into the automation trap with RPA. Focusing only on quick-wins may lead to wasted efforts. Embedding RPA into the Axon Ivy platform ensures true end-to-end process automation.


  • Add the Axon Ivy platform for visibility & exception handling.
  • Handle robotic exceptions.
  • Manage interactions with humans in customer-facing applications.
  • Orchestrate manual approvals, business rules, and integrations with systems.
  • Ensure that the process can continue when the RPA bot has finished its work.
  • Get an end-to-end audit trail.

You have neither?

Understanding the business’s challenges and inefficiencies first usually leads to superior outcomes. A thorough analysis will unveil how processes can be optimized and which technology will unlock massive productivity gains.


Rather than focusing on repetitive and easily automated tasks, a Digital Business Platform focuses on the overall end-to-end process. However, as technologies, RPA and Axon Ivy are synergistic and can both form a part of a total modernization approach based on need and viability.