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Axon Ivy offshore development

A team that’s ready for anything.

Rapid scalability and low costs

Axon Ivy offers companies the chance to develop dedicated software according to specific requirements, thus allowing applications to be aimed specifically at special demands and individual requests. As a result, in-house programs can be integrated seamlessly, the adherence to special data protection obligations ensured and increased performance requirements taken into account.


The development process for the applications can be outsourced to Asia as an offshore development if requested by the customer. Axon Ivy works remotely with developers in Vietnam to counteract the shortage of skilled labor and to optimize expenditures for the company. Our experienced, highly skilled offshore team tailors the software development precisely in line with the requirements of our customers.


Take advantage of offshore development

Axon Ivy offshore development offers the following benefits while still meeting the highest quality and reliability standards:


  • Rapid scalability of resources
  • All skills consolidated in a single team
  • Attractive terms and conditions


The offshore team – concentrated expertise

To ensure that the offshore development is as smooth and profitable for customers as possible, Axon Ivy sends in an expert from Germany, Austria or Switzerland who acts as a dedicated contact partner and thus forms the link between the customer and development team.


The offshore team itself is made up of seven or eight members, each with special, in-depth skills and experience at their disposal. When working together, all the necessary expertise for software and application development is then in place.


Axon Ivy: A reliable partner at your side

Companies need a reliable partner who understands the digital challenges seen across different branches. Of key importance here is that the automation projects meet the requirements of the customer to the letter.


By implementing a holistic solution and a comprehensive strategy, we can accompany you on the path towards digital transformation. This means you can rely on us to ensure smooth processes, leaving you to concentrate on your core business and skills.

Use cases

You can find out which opportunities automation can offer and the possible uses of the Axon Ivy platform in our use cases:

Use case 'Case management framework'.

Case Management Framework: Reliable investment requests

Companies in the building materials industry use Axon Ivy as the basis for a case management framework for investment requests.

Use case 'Digitization of sales processes'.

Digitization of sales processes

Axon Ivy is used as the central platform for digitizing the sales processes of a beverage manufacturer.

Use case 'Smart employee onboarding process'.

Smart employee onboarding process: Creating a good first impression

Axon Ivy automates the onboarding process, laying the foundation for the digital transformation of any HR department.