Co-Creating the Future

Digitalization will lead to innovations which will disrupt established rules of the industry and business models. The consequences will be:

  • Every single area of life which be impacted by digitalization in one way or other.
  • Processing all business relations via the Internet will reduce complexity for the customer, simplify relationships, and create extensive transparency.
  • Machines, products, systems, services and people will be part of the digital ecosystem as individual participants.
  • Everything is part of a network and will be controlled by processes, as the situation requires and in real time.
  • Consumer behavior will change through on-demand and sharing models.

Entrepreneurs who are willing to challenge their own business model, who are able to imagine new business processes, and who are ready to free themselves from the fetters of the industry, are currently experiencing a downright «gold-rush mood».Continuous improvement was yesterday – today, disruptive innovation rules!

Hence, the question is not whether digitalization will happen in your industry, but: When? Today, you still have the option to act and to co-create the changes; tomorrow, you will have no other choice but to react.

An interesting side-effect of digitalization is the development of hundred percent safety and transparency when it comes to laws, regulations, guidelines, quality standards and auditability, as well as a continuous traceability in real time. The strongest drivers of digital transformation are: mobile devices, social collaboration and big data – and for each and every business, they are opportunity and risk simultaneously.

Mobile Does Not Equal Mobile First

Business Processes Developed Explicitly For Mobile Applications

It is wrong to assume that today’s business processes can be easily transferred to mobile end-user devices. It is imperative to develop dedicated business processes along the customer’s journey, and explicitly designed for mobile applications.

  • Geolocation/Geotracking
  • Wearable tech, Smartphone, Tablet
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Personalized Services
  • M-Commerce

Social Collaboration is Smart

Efficient Collaboration Thanks to Networking

Social collaboration creates a foundation in your business which enables each individual employee, as well as teams, to collaborate more effectively and more intelligently. Thanks to networking, you can better distribute knowhow throughout the entire organization, and make it accessible independent of place, people, or time.

  • High Productivity
  • Efficient Communication
  • Collective Learning
  • Increased Competitiveness
  • Faster Decision-making

Strategic Use of Big Data

Creating Value with the Right Processes

Defining the right processes helps to extract relevant, meaningful and reliable information from the jungle of Big Data, and to process and combine it in such a manner as to create value for your organization. Frequently, such data triggers consequential processes.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Intelligent Decisions
  • Enhanced Insights
  • Process Automation
  • Improved Time-to-Market

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Internet of Things

Connection and Integration of End-to-End Processes

The Internet of Things (IoT) closes the information gap between the real world and the virtual world by technologically linking things with each other, by which they become «intelligent». These intelligent objects are able to receive and share information, and to trigger actions. However, this kind of intelligence can only be utilized via the connection and integration of end-to-end processes. Therefore it is indispensable for organizations to analyze their customer contact points in order to find out how they can utilize the IoT in their industry. After that, the business processes can be defined which make IoT possible in the first place.

  • Business Transformation
  • Smart Machines
  • Connected World
  • Managed Machine-to-Machine Communication
  • Comprehensive Exhaustion of New Business Processes

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