Customer Success

Customer-Centric Processes – On-board, Retain and Expand

Customer relationships are evolving from transaction-focused to success-based: revenue is realized over time and is directly linked to customer satisfaction and positive outcomes. To achieve these, customer-centric processes like customer on-boarding, contract renewals, and service processes need to be re-engineered and implemented from the customer experience perspective. The Axon.ivy process solution allows organizations to rapidly implement customer-centric processes across the entire enterprise. Built around a visual process designer and a rapid process apps development model, Axon.ivy supports agile processes while delivering spectacular user experience for internal and external users. 

  • Customer On-boarding
  • Trial and Pilot Conversion
  • Contract Renewals
  • Content Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Service Request and Case Management
  • Real-time Upsell and Cross-sell
  • Churn and Loyalty Management
  • Front-end Process Apps for Legacy Applications
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Sales and Marketing

Campaign Management – Fast, streamlined, goal-oriented campaign execution

Planning, execution and analysis of sales and marketing campaigns can be resource intensive and inefficient. Though each campaign is different, many campaign management processes are repetitive and prime for automation. With AXON IVY Campaign Management, campaigns can be launched with the push of a button and managed based on the targeted end date. The process-based solution significantly shortens lead times to create, approve, and execute a campaign. Campaigns are executed on time. Tasks are assigned based on role descriptions, supervised and escalated when necessary. External resources are fully integrated into the process via easy-to-use web interfaces.

  • On time
  • Efficient and Detailed
  • Continuous Project Overview


Invoice Management Process – Save money when paying bills

Why waive early payment discounts and risk arrears fees? With Axon.APF, solve the problems and inefficiencies created by poor invoice handling. From the moment an invoice comes in, the process is fully automated. From release and allocation to an account, to the payment and archiving, every step is performed electronically: every step is more efficient and invoice processing is completely optimized.

  • Audit-proof archiving
  • VAT-compliant processing
  • 100% paperless

Fast Close – Add value where it is the most needed

Financial closing takes up far too much time and precious resources in large organizations. Complex deals require many approvals and reviews by a large group of people. With Fast Close by AXON IVY, all relevant information is collected on schedule and across departments. Whenever possible, review and approval steps are automated. When manual action is required, deadlines can easily be assigned and managed. The financial closing can then be finalized with the push of a button.

  • Fast Compilation of Final Numbers
  • Full Legal Review
  • Integrated Escalation Process

Human Resources

Talent Management – Recruit, Retain and Develop Talents

Organizations need to map key roles and positions, while managing strengths, weaknesses, desires and needs of existing employees. Axon.TAM supports the process of identifying employees’ and candidates’ potential and skills, so you can recruit and leverage key talents efficiently. This module also helps match employees to the growing needs of your organization.

  • MbO Process
  • Transparency on Objectives and Development process
  • Complete Profiling
  • Detailed Evaluations

Employment Certificate Process – Expedite and simplify the process

In certain countries, employees leaving an organization have the legal right to a detailed employment certificate from their employer. The process of generating these certificates is typically laborious and time-consuming. With our Employment Certificate Process, organizations can issue accurate, readable, quality certificates easily and quickly. By involving employees in gathering content for certificates, you can speed up the process and increase your chances of a positive outcome.

  • Multilingual
  • Ready-to-share
  • Fully Integrated

Recruiting Process – Attract the right talents to your company

Recruitment is often a lengthy process, requiring transparency, planning and good communication. Axon.REC seamlessly connects the HR department, the hiring department and the applicant within a single platform. This integrated solution helps streamline communications between all parties during the process. A professional, user-friendly dashboard allows for an objective, educated and transparent process, and the quality of the recruiting improves dramatically.

  • Easy-to-use dashboards
  • High-quality review process
  • Transparent and efficient recruiting process

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