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Use Case

Orchestration of professional services processes

Transforming consulting services through customer-focused orchestration with AXON Ivy.

At a glance

This Professional Services firm leveraged AXON Ivy to design an intuitive application to coordinate consulting services and scheduling across the organization. Through a guided process, customers can request consulting services – the system then assigns the appropriate consultant and orchestrates all necessary information for the engagement.

Facts and figures


  • Time-consuming, inefficient organization of consulting services and coordination of internal and external consultants, with more than 500,000 engagements per year both in person and remotely
  • Suboptimal customer satisfaction through the request, scheduling and execution process
  • Complexity or tracking and assigning consultants with wide range of skills and locations


  • Core logic orchestrates all process steps
  • Development of a web service to integrate with customer and 3rd party for requests, assignment and follow-up

Our Solution

  • Product-specific accounting logic for internal and external consultants
  • Appointment selection using flexible criteria
  • Manage all necessary data in the integrated solution
  • Reporting and Analytics

Why AXON Ivy?

  • High degree of personalization and configurability
  • Fast and efficient implementation
  • High scalability and availability to handle the volume of engagements

A topic for you as well?

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