Use Cases

Use Cases

Every company goes through a different digital transformation process. Challenges like the development of a new, disruptive business model, missing end-to-end core processes, or inefficient back office processes often act as starting point. Using the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform as the foundation addresses those exact challenges in a unique way.


New Business Models

Start small – think big.

New business models today almost always involve a major digitalization effort. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform enables businesses to quickly implement completely disruptive models, or just single business processes in an agile way.


KLARA - the digital assistant

KLARA is entirely cloud-based and is designed to fulfill the duties of a digital assistant. It takes care of all administrative tasks for a typical small or medium size business. Companies no longer need to deploy resources for accounting, HR administration, customer management, invoicing, or proposal development anymore. All processes involving third parties are highly automated.  Success Story


By ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) rules, Finform creates a completely new model for quickly and easily opening a new bank account via a smartphone, tablet or the web. Customers can go to market in two weeks thanks to the digitalization platform by AXON Ivy.


Core Processes

Customers continually make new demands. Their demands need to be recognized as an opportunity to improve and should be digitalized in a continuous end-to-end core process.

Through a digitalized process companies can now receive the necessary feedback to immediately recognize a change in customer demands.

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Faster Decision Making

Never keep a customer who is ready to buy, waiting. For processes like granting a lease, waiting however is the norm. The evaluation of the credit rating of an applicant is costly in terms of labor and time, and it can be risky. However, successful leasing businesses depend on new customers getting quick approval in order to sign the contract right away. Thanks to the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform, a person or company’s lease approval process can now be completed in seconds. Based on an intelligent set of rules, risk assessment is now conducted in real time and the whole application process was reduced from 4-5 workdays to 5 minutes!

This giant step forward in digitalization gave the company a considerable advantage over their competition.

Fast decision making

Core Process needed to encompass 3rd parties and comply with regulations

A company wanted to automate a complex core process that included many process steps that needed to be executed both sequentially and in parallel. To complicate matters, 3rd parties such as government agencies are involved in the process. In addition, compliance regulations require traceability of the entire process. The existing IT system required many manual inputs and tasks, resulting in inefficiencies and errors.

The company decided to implement a continuous end-to-end process without replacing the underlying IT systems. They were able to achieve this with the introduction of a bimodal IT practice and leveraging the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform.



Back Office

Many back-office processes in a company are time-consuming and use a lot of resources. In addition, poor communication and major administrative challenges often slow processes down, resulting in major inefficiencies. Take advantage of the huge potential for optimization of recurring tasks and automate those processes!


Automating HR Processes

HR departments often begin by digitalizing the application and recruiting processes. The next step is to automate the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees and contractors. As with most back-office processes, various internal departments are involved, many different forms are used, and different approval procedures are required. As one moves through the automation process, steps previously developed for other processes can be re-used, thus speeding up the automation process. This can dramatically reduce the automation effort and ensure that the same rules are followed within process variation.

Efficient Form Processing

A large multinational company discovered that they had about 400 internal forms in use. Not only did these forms create a lot of work to manage, complete, circulate and file, they also tended to be redundant and/or contradictory. Using the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform, those forms were homogenized and embedded into processes with an approval procedure. The manual processing was eliminated and transparent monitoring with respective control was implement. This streamlining effort resulted in 80% increase in efficiency.

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