The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform supports the latest trends: Adaptive Case Management, Low Code Application Composition, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain.


Adaptive Case Management (ACM)

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) allows the automation of unstructured processes by ad hoc additions of new roles and tasks to processes. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform natively supports these ad hoc processes, where processes can be loosely coupled with flexible connections between them. A signal code controls whether one process does or does not trigger another process. As data must be shared between those processes, the digital business platform provides a non-relational (schema-less) database that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple processes.

Low Code Application Composition

Processes can be defined and implemented without programming or process modelling skills, online and in real time. That way, processes with clearly defined rules and competences are digitalized rapidly and available right away. Gartner calls this trendsetting implementation approach “Citizen Developer.” It is assumed that at least 80% of all back-office processes will be implemented using this approach in the future.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects objects technically, making them “intelligent” and hence closing the gap between the real and the virtual world. Those intelligent objects are capable of receiving and sharing information and triggering actions.

However, utilizing this intelligence is only possible through the connection and embedding of end-to-end processes. This is why it is absolutely crucial for companies to analyze their customer touchpoints and to find out how IoT can be leveraged in their industry. Subsequently, the business processes that enable IoT to work should be defined.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Through the access to data from uncoupled processes and the knowledge of necessary subsequent steps, a robot is capable of taking care of the tasks that would otherwise be processed manually. That way, highly repetitive tasks such as data entry can be automated in the future. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform is RPA-ready and offers connectors to certain RPA solutions.


Blockchain technology ensures that a transaction between two parties can be trusted. Data is not saved in one place but distributed over different encrypted chains. Organizations are now starting to embrace the technology to create open, trusted transaction chains and it is becoming necessary to build business processes and models using blockchain technology. To meet that demand, the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform integrates established blockchain technologies.

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