Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Are you looking for a custom-fit solution? Do you want to differentiate from your competition? Take advantage of the key benefits of the of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform:

  • Your existing IT system landscape does not need to be replaced, but is sensibly integrated into the new solution (Protection of Investments)
  • Standard components and a low-code approach enable a quick and simple implementation
  • A gradual approach and phased expansion are the core of the digitalization platform

Complex Process Involving Various Internal and External Stakeholders

The challenge in the digitalization process is that customers and partners need to be integrated into the process, while customers also often directly interact with third parties. However, the company responsible for monitoring the entire process need to know exactly what progress is being made by every party involved. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform allows organizations to implement these highly customized solutions, while also proving process control, monitoring and supervision.

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Reduction of Complexity for Users’ Daily Tasks

In a typical company, different departments need to work with different IT systems. There is no comprehensible logic for employees in how to operate those systems. Processes and subsequent steps have to be initiated manually by the staff themselves.

Using the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform, processes across the company can be defined and embedded into the IT system landscape. Now, staff members are easily guided through each process. Thanks to the intuitive user interface no additional training is needed. The time spent on processing, the number of errors and the complexity for employees has been drastically reduced.

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The Digital Transformation evolves daily.

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