Field Service Management

Improve quality check and maintenance work
The Mobile Quality Check improves on-site maintenance, inspection and service work.

This solution improves on-site maintenance, inspection and service work. Think about companies like facility management, security services, cleaning services, hotels, or cities, and many more.

Get rid of Microsoft Excel and paper chaos. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform  optimizes your on-site field service activities as well all back-office processing tasks.
This digitalization increases efficiency, minimizes errors, and increases customer satisfaction while reducing complexity for the business users in their daily tasks. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform guarantees a great adaptability according to your individual needs.

Highlights of the new „Mobile Quality Check“

  • Daily schedules are created automatically
  • Direct access to customer information and documents – even offline
  • Intuitive and convenient implementation of quality checks at any time

Thanks to the use of mobile devices  useful features such as camera, GPS, maps, can be directly accessed during the process execution. As a result, efficient work and collaboration is guaranteed.

Field service staff, back office departments and customers all benefit from an optimized and automated control of the mobile quality check.

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