Automating the naturalization process: the cantons of Zug and Schwyz are setting standards

The cantons of Zug and Schwyz process hundreds of naturalization applications per year.

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BKW digitalizes the mutation process

As one of the leading energy companies in Switzerland, BKW AG continually invests in the renewal and expansion of its network infrastructure.


New standards for SMEs and private individuals thanks to intelligent software

It all began with the vision of reducing administrative business processes in the Swiss SME landscape and improving customer contact. The answer was KLARA. The digital assistant established itself on the market with great success in less than two years.


GDPR Brochure

Act on-time and digitalize processes to avoid costly penalties!

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AXON IVY: The Comprehensive Digitalization Platform

Today, as companies are exposed to more and tougher competition than ever before, they are forced to continuously optimize and automate business processes. Download this comprehensive overview of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform.


Process App Solutions for Customer-Centric Organizations

Companies around the world are shifting away from transaction-focused customer relationships to build success-based customer relationships.

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Facility Management. Revolutionize your Business

Quality assurance in facility management is one of the most important criteria for success. The early detection of any problems and the introduction of proper measures are a prerequisite in order to be successful in the market.

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AXON IVY: Fast Decision Making

The right process management not only makes the processes more efficient, but also improves quality and reduces costs.

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Web-based financial reporting: easy, fast and transparent

The Fast Close application from AXON IVY helps those responsible for consolidated financial statements and reporting accelerate financial reporting ...

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AXON IVY: Definitely a plus for the bank zweiplus

No other industry in the whole world is undergoing as much constant change as the banking sector.

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Case Management Framework: Capex - Rapid, Reliable and Transparent

With 4 brands and 62 locations, the FIXIT Group is well represented in 19 different countries.

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Digitalization has reached the insurance industry

Efficient and sustainable processes at ERGO

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LGT bank professionalizes change management

The Liechtenstein LGT Group puts an end to integration gaps for change management.


METTLER TOLEDO in global workflow

METTLER TOLEDO develops global and local custom-built solutions using the Axon.ivy BPM Suite.

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Competitive advantage thanks to digitalization

Amag Leasing reduces processing time of leasing applications from three business days to 15 minutes.

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Three Essential Concepts for Adaptive Case Management

Classic BPM processes are not suited for flexible and agile business cases.

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Customer-Centric Process Innovation in the Age of Digitalization

A Customer-Centric Culture is Not Enough

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