Digital Business Platform

Axon.ivy Digital Business ­Platform

The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform is the foundation for a successful and agile transformation of your organization.

Companies are faced with the challenge of having to react quickly to changes, without being able to upgrade their current IT infrastructure.

The digital business platform is the perfect answer when it comes to Bimodal IT within companies. This solution enables companies to consider the digital transformation of the entire company while approaching change gradually. This is possible because the digital business platform is model-driven, ultra-scalable and designed for productivity. Goals are achieved faster, as the digital business platform is easy enough to use for even highly complex tasks.

Single or multiple processes can be analyzed, but also the whole process architecture, making the platform absolutely unique. The platform also integrates information and data from third party systems directly into processes. The integrated data is fully available inside the digital business platform and can be used for intelligent decision-making.


Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Low Code Application Composition, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Blockchain are key trends that will impact every business. Learn more about how the digital business platform by AXON Ivy can help you to take advantage of these trends while achieving your business goals.

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Efficient, collaborative and integrated: imagine if you could connect all your existing systems with a continuous process solution while eliminating manual interfaces, error sources, and losses in quality and efficiency. The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform enables you to do so with minimal effort.

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Complex process handling, mobile and offline capabilities, and data & analytics make up the core of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform.

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