Business Solutions

Business Solutions

AXON Ivy and their partners constantly develop new, dedicated business solutions based on the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. These templates are the perfect solution for technical and industry specific challenges. They can be implemented immediately and are simple to then customize to individual customer needs.


Disruptive Technology, Data and Analytics for the Digital Future of Your Bank

The digital banking platform by AXON Fintech brings together technical knowledge with banking and process expertise, offering a disruptive solution that is highly modular and easily configurable.

Save Money when Paying Your Bills

Bills are digitized and automatically processed upon being received. Only exceptions and special cases need manual processing, while about 80% of bills can be automatically processed. Automated processing not only reduces internal costs by over 50%, but it ensures that internal rules and procedures are always precisely followed.

Streamline GDPR Compliance

AXON Ivy offers companies and organizations the ideal solution to deal with the rights to data portability rules, subject access requests and the data breach/incident response plan requirements.

Based on a provided template, AXON Ivy customers are able to digitally run those processes which are required by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and rapidly comply with the respective regulations.


  • Standardized processes ensure compliance
  • Various processes ensure  compliance with data subjects rights (information requests, request of erasure, etc.)
  • Transfer into a "vault" (process-controlled and compliant storage for documents and information within retention periods)
  • Data breach processes (notification to the supervisory authorities)

Particular requirements can be easily customized and implemented to suit individual needs of companies and countries.

The AXON Ivy template can be either used out-of-the-box or seamlessly embedded into a DMS solution.

The latter one expedites processing of all relevant documents, such as a record of data-processing activities and data-processing agreements.

GDPR Brochure

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