Business Solutions

Business Solutions

AXON Ivy and their partners constantly develop new, dedicated business solutions based on the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. These templates are the perfect solution for technical and industry specific challenges. They can be implemented immediately and simply customized to individual customer needs.


Disruptive Technology, Data and Analytics for the Digital Future of Your Bank

The digital banking platform by AXON Fintech brings together technical knowledge with banking and process expertise, offering a disruptive solution that is highly modular and easily configurable.


Nurture Innovative Thinkers

Manage the process of how employees suggest improvements and contribute to the company’s innovation.

Do you know the potential of your employees? This solution is a digital suggestion box. Employees actively participate in the innovation process. Thus, companies achieve a positive effect on success, morale and corporate culture.

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Manage Absences

Apply for absences, get them approved and manage your employee ‘s absences.

With AXON Ivy your absence management will become a cinch. Thanks to an entirely digitalized process, you avoid complicated Excel sheets, unnecessary e-mail correspondence, and paper chaos.

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Positive Onboarding Experience

You only have one chance at a first impression.

A structured on-boarding process guarantees employees to have all necessary materials and information from the first day on ensuring employee satisfaction.

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Field Service Management

Moving beyond traditional approaches in maintenance, inspection and service work.

The "Mobile Quality Check" manages even the most complex collaborations to improve your customer service. This digitalization increases efficiency, minimizes errors, and increases customer satisfaction while reducing complexity for the business users in their daily tasks.

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Investment Application

Apply for investments and ensure highest transparency and compliance.

AXON Ivy gives you a multi-step approval workflow with seamless integration into your finance system.

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Accounts Payable Flow

Manage incoming invoices and run the approval process.

97% of invoices are still processed manually. Digitalizing accounts payable processes is easy because only 2 out of 100 invoices contain an error and require therefore manual interaction. This offers enormous potential for cost savings and productivity gains.

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Accelerating GDPR Compliance

Act on-time and to avoid costly penalties.

AXON Ivy offers companies and organizations a solution to deal with the rights to data portability, subject access rights, and the data breach/incident response plan requirements.

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The Digital Transformation evolves daily.

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