AXON Ivy realizes how highly valuable complex process handling, mobile/offline functionality, and data and analytics are. These at at the core of the AXON Ivy Digitalization Platform.



When it comes to digitalization projects, the main challenge is often in the rapid execution of complex processes, balanced with a justifiable cost. The intelligent answer to that challenge lies in years of project experience and the use of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. The technology is in its 8th generation, constantly evolving throughout the years while being built with the “swiss-made” standard for the highest quality.


Tasks and processes can be performed on mobile devices without restrictions, even if those are offline. As soon as the system is able to reconnect to the network, the data is submitted automatically. Using geolocation, process steps can be automatically initiated and/or conducted in the background regardless of user actions. End-to-end processes can be implemented efficiently, without time loss and without manual input.


Real digital transformation only takes place when processes are enriched with data and meaningful real-time analytics to offer valuable insights critical to rapid decision making. These three components need to be used with flexibility and provide the foundation of intelligent digitalization projects, and they are at the core of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform.

Besides being an award-winning digital business platform, AXON Ivy utilizes its own proprietary data about people, companies and their relationships. These are integrated into the end-to-end processes, leading to real time analytics and setting new standards in digital transformation.


Because of the ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile apps for private use, end-users expect business solutions to be just as intuitive. They demand interaction with IT systems to offer the same, natural user experience. Natural Language Processing is a key component of a modern, natural user experience and is part of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) strives to simulate human thinking. The system independently recognizes patterns or problems and recommends meaningful suggestions or next steps (actions). Simultaneously, the system is capable of learning from single cases. The continuous improvement process becomes the approach to AI (machine learning).

The Digital Transformation evolves daily.

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