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Ensure highest transparency and compliance
A multi-step approval workflow orchestrate company’s  investments and expenses.

This Business Solution helps to orchestrate company’s  investments and expenses. A multi-step approval workflow allows involving different approvers according to company's internal policies and procedures. The requester can capture an array of information, such as delivery date & type, payment terms, year of activation, monthly liquidity effects. Moreover, the template allows attaching documents (e.g. offers) to every request. So you increase transparency and ensure highest process compliance.

  • Guided process according to policies and decision makers
  • Structured request for investments & expenses will ensure high process compliance and best transparency
  • A digital investments & expense request is much faster and user friendly 
  • Involving of approvers via integrated rule engine 

Customers who worked with AXON Ivy tell us they gain from:

  • 100% more transparency
  • 80% less errore prone
  • 3x time faster approval by managers 

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