Accelerating  GDPR  Compliance 

React in time to avoid costly penalties.
Realize a digital end-to-end process from the initial request to final notification giving you the best practice guidance.

Since every company is in possession of personal data, the management of companies and authorities must take technical and organizational measures to protect this data.

According to different regional laws, companies have to execute General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Complying with GDPR can seem like a big undertaking. Using AXON Ivy, navigate one of the most significant changes in data privacy laws with ease. 

AXON Ivy offers companies and organizations a solution to deal with the rights to data portability, subject access rights, and the data breach/incident response plan requirements.

Successfully react in a verifiable, timely, and documented manner avoiding costly penalties.

Optionally, this AXON Ivy solution can be embedded into a DMS solution; allowing for easy processing and archiving of all relevant documents and realizing a legal hold of documents.

Customers who worked with AXON Ivy tell us they gain from:

  • 100% more Revision-proof documentation
  • 80% faster to provide information to affected persons
  • 25% increase in productivity
  • 3x faster processing

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